With the BOT model,  Skytech  Consulting  can help  you  set  up  local operations, and handle every detail from start to finish. From establishment of the operation, to acquisition of facilities and staff, to actually running the center for a pre-defined period, Skytech Consulting’ next generation BOT model gives you unparalleled flexibility and scalability.
Once the center and services are well-established, management and ownership is transferred back to you. The transfer period is perhaps the most crucial; and Skytech Consulting  has the proven service transfer platforms that assure process integrity and mitigated migration risk.
With our exceptional development campus, you even have the option of maintaining a fully operating  subsidiary within   India, post   transfer.  Other advantages of this option include:

  • Flexible transfer timing
  • Augmented post transfer management support
  • Better access to amenities and personnel
  • Reduced attrition, increased security, and lowered costs

BOT models have traditionally been used by large multinationals. Skytech Consulting’ offering, however, can also be specifically tailored for mid-size businesses. With our expertise and management support, you can build a subsidiary that can create and serve new geographic markets – in addition to cutting costs.
Our vision is simple: if you have previously found your company’s size, complex technical requirements, and communication intensive processes too much of an obstacle for offshoring, the Skytech Consulting BOT model gives you a comprehensive, cross-technology program that opens the door to the benefits of offshore.

Key benefits:

  • Complete solutions launched quickly, operated effectively and under your control
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Immediate access to a variety of robust processes and reporting applications
  • Focus on strategic business issues during build and operate phases
  • Establishment of a world-class operations organization
  • Long-term cost stability and predictability
  • Reduced financial risks
  • Save on capital expenditure required to build systems in-house
  • Cost-effective outsourcing during build process and initial operations
  • Additional resources can be added quickly.