Temporary and contract employment serves as a bridge to permanent employment:

Skytech Consulting  is your strategic partner, providing IT professionals with the precise collection of skills and experience to fit your existing IT staff, and development team.
Skytech Consulting  Temp-to-Perm Staffing Solutions affords you the oppurtunity to “try before you buy”; evaluating whether the candidate has the correct skills, experience and personality to fit your business needs.
With Skytech Consulting  , you have a partner that understands and actively works with the development solutions that will shape your business success. We understand software development because our recruiters come from the software development industry.
We have access to a deep reservoir of the most talented and innovative IT professionals available to meet your ever-changing development needs. Our comprehensive system of research and assessment allows us to sift through any number of candidates and send you only the most qualified, based on your requirements. You specify the parameters — Skytech Consulting will send you only the best.

Advantages of Temp-to-Perm IT Staffing:

  • Manpower planning for your department / business growth.
  • Work with Skytech Consulting  to develop timetables to recruit professionals to meet your staffing goals.
  • Focus your planning efforts.
  • Create flexibility.
  • Manage workforce quality.
  • Determine capability / compatibility.
  • Expand your business / department.
  • Stay ahead of problems
  • NO conversion fee (after 120 Days)

No-Fee Conversion After 200 Days:
Skytech Consulting  has one of the highest “conversion” ratios in the industry, and for good reason. Most important is our no-fee conversion after 200 Days—something that other staffing services charge considerable amounts for. A no-fee conversion allows our clients to “try before they buy” to determine capability and compatibility of potential new hires.

Guaranteed performance:
What if there is a hiring mistake? With the Skytech Consulting  “No Fail” guarantee, we’ll replace that person at no cost to you. During the first two days of contractor employment on all work assignments of 60 calendar days or more duration, and where the contractor is employed 30 hours or more weekly on the assignment, you may decide the candidate you have chosen does not fit your specific needs. If so, you will not be billed for any hours incurred in the first two days. If you choose to continue with the Skytech Consulting  contractor then you will be billed for the hours incurred on those first two (2) days.