IT Consulting:

Skytech Consulting  has been helping major corporations staff their IT departments for 3 years. Our network of national and international offices and access to partners of global talent exchange are the key to recruiting qualified IT professionals who help run the IT organizations of our clients for short and long term needs.
1.Understanding Your Business
2.Minimizing IT staffing cost
3.Delivering superior productivity, quality, and service
4.More Value-Added Services
             How Skytech Consulting  Can help minimize your IT staffing cost
Buy only what you need when you need – no idle employees,no difficult decision about ramping up or scaling down, no retraining, no wasted recruiting efforts.
You get the lowest possible rates because we pre-screen and recommend the people that fit your needs. We are experts with inroads into global network of highly qualified IT contract pool , this makes us unique at finding the people with just the right skills in a timely manner so you don’t pay extra for overqualified staff.

Skytech Consulting  can improve the productivity of your IT function by eliminating the administrative  burden  that  interferes   with operations. Our customer support team of recruiter(s), account manager, Employee Service Representative and practice leaders can free up  to  40%   of  your  time that otherwise is associated with employee orientation, motivation, administration, training, benefits, vacation and time off, recruiting, and counseling. Imagine running an IT function where employee issues are not part of your day-to-day concern and an environment where the IT staff is well supported and motivated.
Why Skytech Consulting  delivers  superior   productivity, quality, and service After more than 30  years worth of staffing / Technology experience with our management team and working with many  of large companies we like to think we know how to do it best. After all, our livelihood depends on it. Based on our experience our approach has evolved to include the following 6 best practices:

  1. Turn around time
  2. Best Value
  3. Recruiting
  4. Specialization
  5. Happy Employees