Remote Delivery Center:

When you move your processes offshore, you need to be sure that your Offshore Delivery Center(ODC) is set up and managed efficiently, and conforms to your working standards.

As your offshore delivery partner, Skytech consulting   will  work   with  you to ensure  smooth  transition  of  knowledge,  processes, and delivery responsibilities to our ODC. Once the transfer and training steps are complete, we function as a seamless extension of your organization. Enabling complete linkage with the parent site in terms of infrastructure and organizational structure to deliver multi-site solutions seamlessly, we meet your strategic objectives and deliver lasting value.

In order to maintain the uniformity, our approach to RDC management covers:

  • Program management
    where we ensure that your requirements for high quality work are met, on time, and to your specifications
  • Infrastructure management
    where we customize our world-class infrastructure to your requirements, ensuring availability of the right hardware, software, tools, connectivity, and physical security
  • People management
    where we ensure that the right people fill the appropriate roles, and we keep them motivated with special team-building exercises. With progressive attrition models, we also initiate and run proactive retention programs
  • Knowledge management
    where we incorporate and customize systems to capture and disseminate the right technical and process knowledge necessary.
    You trust us to handle your mission-critical operations – and you need the right performance appraisals to know that our ODC is delivering on its promises. Our measurement tools provide you with the metrics you need to ensure that performance stays on track.
  • Productivity measurement
    gives you an idea of the ODC’s overall efficiency ratings, and helps regulate team sizes
  • Quality measurement
    gives you accurate figures that reflect the number of defects (or the lack of them) in our deliverables
  • Predictability measurement
    gives you a measure of how closely the project adhered to its projected timeline, costs, and eventual deliverables
  • Reserved Capacity
    Primarily meant for captive operations, the reserved capacity model enables the purchase of enough outsourced capability, in terms of staff and infrastructure, to perform a certain amount of work. This capacity is kept in place, regardless of the workload. When this option is employed, the captive center does not have to adjust staffing to meet workload demands – thus avoiding the expenses associated with constant staffing readjustments.